Astro mascot with text: Build the web you want


The HENGEVELD.DEV project is the website you are using right now. It is my personal website where I can showcase and link to my other public projects.

Projects still in early phases of development will not be showcased here.

How it’s made

To give a bit of information about how this project came to be, I’ll tell you about the tech stack I used to make it.

If you are not a developer yourself, please don’t try to read any of the following. You WILL regret it.


I used the Astro framework to build this site. This is actually my first experience with Astro and so far it has been amazing. The site is completely static and uses Astro’s content collections to serve MDX files as pages. MDX is an extensions on Markdown that allows you to also use JSX components. So now you know, all of this is written in Markdown.


For hosting I went with my goto platform, Vercel. I have been using Vercel for a while and I really can’t convey in words how amazing it is to use. You really need to try it for yourself. Not only am I using it for the hosting itself but Vercel also provides Analytics and Speed Insight tools that I have configured for this site as well. So don’t try to contact me if the site is acting up or getting slow. I’ll know…

Continuous Integration and Delivery

I also use Vercel’s CI/CD capabilities. By linking my repository and my project on Vercel together, I configured it so that, whenever I push changes to the remote server, a new build kicks off and deploys to in about 12 seconds. Yes, that is fast, you have Astro to thank for that.

Other tools

I use some other tools as well, to ease the developer experience. You probably know these.

  • Visual Studio Code as my IDE of choice, configured to use the Astro plugin ofcourse.
  • Git and Github for version control, tracking tasks, code scanning and vulnerability detection.

Future plans

If you have tried Astro yourself, you might have noticed that I am still using the default blog template and placeholder images… I do have plans to change this in the future but I haven’t found the time for this yet.